Bail bonds are an entity not too many know of. You will only need a bail agent when you or a loved one is taken into custody and placed into jail. Seldom and few, but these moments do happens to many still. We work tirelessly to provide you with information that will better help you navigate the water of the bail bond process. In this article we will focus on just how long does it take to release a defendant after bail is posted.
The hard part of this answer is there is no easy answer. There are a number of factors that can speed up or interrupt the process of the entire system. The most common time frame is about 4-8 hours. Although this may seem fast to many, when you are waiting to see your loved one released you can become quiet anxious and anxiety ridden, feeling they won’t actually be released. There are still cases, however, in which bail can take up to 12 to 24 hours longs dependent on a number of factors.
Sadly, we are unable to speed up the process of the release process as our end cannot make any changes. We do, however, know of the factors that can slow down the process of releasing a defendant.

The Factors That Determine The Length of Bail Release:

How Busy Is The Night?
On the busiest of nights in the jail more processing means more time being spent, thus a slower release time for each inmate.
How Big Is The Jail?
Larger jails tend to release inmates on bail faster and more efficient while smaller jails are not the like.
How Many Staff Are Available That Night?
If more employees are working it is safe to say things will move much quicker than being short staffed on a busy night.
Where Does The Defendant Fall In Line With Those Waiting To Be Released?
Obviously the farther back in line you are means you will have to wait longer to be released.

When you are set to be released, the police department will double and triple check to make sure there are not outstanding warrants out for the defendants arrest. There job is to ensure someone isn’t being let go that shouldn’t. They will complete a list of checks before the defendant can be released.

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